With the Emmy Awards over and the Fall season upon us, it’s that time of year to look ahead towards a new crop of shows on the prime time schedule right now that we think deserve some love from both viewers and critics!

“The New Normal” (Tuesdays, NBC)
Young single mom Goldie (Georgia King) decides she wants to do some good in the world to set an example for her daughter, so she agrees to be the surrogate mom for gay couple (Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) who want to start a family. But not everyone is so accepting of this “new normal”, like Goldie’s unabashedly bigoted mom, Jane (Ellen Barkin). Yes, it can get uncomfortable at times, but the truth sometimes is uncomfortable, right?

“Go On” (Tuesdays, NBC)
Matthew Perry is back! Matthew plays a radio sports jockey who tragically loses his wife and is forced to go to group therapy to deal with his issues when they start to affect his work. Here he encounters a motley group of fellow troubled folks who make perfect foils for his signature sarcasm! It’s a show with a lot of heart, and I for one would love to see Matthew Perry get recognized for his work in this at next year’s Emmys!
“Partners” (Mondays, CBS)
This hilarious show follows the lives of four friends and three different relationships within that circle – but don’t get the wrong idea! The central relationship is Louis (Michael Urie) and Joe (David Krumholtz), business partners at an architect firm. Joe dates Ali (Sophia Bush), while Louis is with Wyatt (Brandon Routh).
“Arrow” (Wednesdays, The CW)
Many people have assumed that this is a spin-off of “Smallville”, since the same character was a regular on that long-running series on the same network. But it’s actually a completely fresh spin on this superhero, better known as The Green Arrow, with a new location and a new cast that includes Stephen Amell as the title character. This could definitely be the next great superhero series and should surely fill that void left by “Smallville” for The CW!
What new shows are YOU loving this Fall?