Exit Through The Gift Shop, an Oscar-nominated documentary directed by notorious street artist Banksy, tells the story of a fellow street artist named Thierry Guetta, AKA Mr. Brainwash, a French clothing store owner living in L.A. who became obsessed with street art when he discovered that his own cousin is the notorious artist called Invader. The film itself caused controversy, with viewers and critics alike certain that the film wasn’t completely on the level, that was all part of an elaborate prank by Banksy. Some have even speculated that Guetta is Banksy himself! Both artists have denied these claims.
If there are any lingering doubts as to Brainwash’s legitimacy, I think we put them to rest recently when we actually got to visit the artist’s L.A. studio! We sent our own Nikki Novak to the scene of so many creative crimes to get the scoop on this rather mysterious figure. It turns out he’s a pretty average guy with not-so-average vision. But, at the end if the day, even Guetta himself admits that he himself is Banksy’s “biggest work of art”.
Check out our exclusive with Mr. Brainwash below!