Everyone is talking about the Korean Pop music sensations that are popping up all over the globe thanks to social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

K-Pop is an awesome blend of dance, electropop, and sometimes even rap, and the artists who perform it are not shy about letting loose in their own funky personal style.

One girl group in particular who seems to be leading the charge of the K-Pop invasion are the Wonder Girls. These five young ladies came on the scene when they were just teenagers on the 2006 MTV reality series “MTV Wonder Girls”. American audiences got their first taste of these Korean imports, seeing their day to day activities and even their process in auditioning and choosing the fifth member of their group (Yenny). After charming us with their personalities and wowing us with their singing and dancing skills, the movement had begun. A debut album, a second MTV reality series, and a stint opening for the Jonas Brothers on tour followed, opening the door for other K-Pop sensations like RainBIGBANG, and 2NE1.

Make sure to check out Young Hollywood’s interviews with the Wonder Girls! We had Korean BBQ with the ladies about a year ago and just had them in-studio as well.