L.A. Gets a Taste of Some East Coast Institutions!

If you live in L.A. but occasionally find yourself in a New York State of Mind, then I have good news for you… at least where your appetite is concerned!

Two of New York City’s most amazing restaurants are branching out into our neck of the woods, and I’m already salivating about it!
First up on the menu, Rao’s, a famous Italian restaurant that’s been operating since 1896! The East Harlem establishment’s specialties are so popular that the current owners opened a second Rao’s in Las Vegas, and after observing that success, they are now taking this biz to Hollywood! Reservations are now being accepted – I already went and checked it out myself, and I can tell you personally, it’s the read deal! I am sure it will find a happy home here. I definitely wasn’t disappointed!
If Italian isn’t your thing, though, then you definitely need to check out Hakkasan. This place elevates Chinese food to an artform – no pungent take-out boxes of orange chicken here! Originally founded in London, Hakkasan experienced roaring success when it opened its doors over here in the U.S., including its location near Times Square in NYC. It’s not cheap, but the quality of both the food and the experience is so worth it! Another cool little service that Hakkasan provides is that, if you use their valet, they will go and get your car when you pay your bill so that it will already be waiting for you when you leave! They also tally the cost of the valet in your dinner bill so you don’t have to worry about it. How cool is that?
So, if you have a special occasion coming up, or if you just dig some fine dining East Coast-style, I highly recommend either of these great places. Or both! Why not?