‘Lost Angels’ Explores L.A.’s Outcasts

In 2009, London-born Thomas Napper was the second unit director on the film The Soloist, which took place within the L.A. homeless community, and it inspired him to more closely explore the plight of these societal outcasts.
In the film, Napper documents the daily lives of 8 people who live on Skid Row and sheds some light on an easily misunderstood lifestyle. In order to survive, they have to work together, there’s no choice. For those who maybe turn a blind eye to this dark side of L.A. in their day to day lives, you finally get to know these people as human beings and even get attached to them, rooting for them to succeed and grieving for those who aren’t so lucky.
The biggest takeaway is how everyone in this community fully accepts one another… How ironic, the rest of us could certainly learn a thing or two from them in that regard. No wonder so many choose to remain there.
It’s such an engrossing film, and believe it or not, it is pretty uplifting. I encourage anyone reading this to check it out on Hulu (for free) right now and purchase the DVD. Check out their Official Website to keep up with any upcoming screenings.