It takes a special kind of talent and a special kind of tenacity to get one of your tracks on heavy radio rotation without any real support from major record labels. No wonder Macklemore is frequently referred to as Professor!

As of this writing, the music video for Macklemore’s single “Thrift Shop” (the fifth single off his second studio album,The Heist) has nearly 63 million views on YouTube!
“Thrift Shop” very cleverly pokes fun at the stereotypical rap song convention of bragging about one’s personal wealth and tricked-out material possessions. But Macklemore is all about vintage hand-me-downs and finding a sweet pair of velcro kicks for $20 or less! He takes great pride in rocking your great-aunt’s fur coat, and he is not above strutting his stuff in a pair of Batman onesies! Macklemore proves you can still live the gangsta lifestyle even in Grandpa’s old polyester shirts. Now THAT is hardcore!
For still looking fly even on a tight budget, Macklemore proves he has plenty of cred in this business, and his sudden skyrocketing stardom is well-deserved! I’m hoping this guy sticks around for a long time… with or without a record label!