The latest word in cycling classes is SoulCycle. By incorporating things like hand weights and resistance bands, SoulCycle has found new ways to revolutionize this routine into a complete full-body workout so that you’re not only burning calories but also toning muscles in key areas… including your brain! SoulCycle classes take place in a yoga-like atmosphere, with low lights and coaches who motivate you with spiritual, confidence-boosting pep talks rather than yelling. It’s a workout for your mind AND body, hence the name, and it’s been all the rage on the East Coast.SoulCycle Experience Fitness

Now, SoulCycle has finally expanded out West with two new locations in West Hollywood and Brentwood. You might have even heard about SoulCycle recently when Lady Gaga threw a birthday bash at their WeHo studio! Other celebs who are digging the SoulCycle lifestyle include Katie Holmes, Anderson Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Lena Dunham.

For more info, visit the SoulCycle website.