The Xbox One is One in a Million!

All of the hype surrounding the Xbox One is completely warranted. Not only are the hottest games coming out on this console, but there are new features that come with it that will completely change the way we interact online, play games, and, best of all, watch TV. Yes, the Xbox One really does all of this!

First off, every option is no longer just at your fingertips, but at your lips too, thanks to the verbal command feature. Plus, Xbox One will remember what you most frequently watch and play to better serve you and help enhance your experience. This information is stored and is added to your own personal home screen. You can visit it anytime to see what’s currently trending to get suggestions.  It almost knows you better than you know yourself!
Aside from personalization, the Xbox One will bring you games like you have never seen them before. Graphics will be so precise that it will feel like you are right there with the characters, the action, and the drama. It’s like virtual reality in the comfort of your couch. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a much better option to me.
This console is definitely the biggest thing to hit the gaming world this year, but I am also excited for something that can be added to your Xbox One. It’s called the Xbox Smartglass, but that’s almost an understatement, because it’s actually genius! This app allows your smartphone or tablet device to interact directly with your Xbox, essentially acting as a second screen!
If being verbal isn’t your thing, then let your phone or tablet lead the way to what you want.  With the touch of the screen, you can navigate around the Xbox dashboard and select what you want to watch or engage in.
Need to search something? Simply type it into your personal device and the options will show up on the TV screen. Watching a movie? Get information on the characters, synopsis, or fun facts straight to your phone. Playing a game? Transform your tablet into a second screen to add to the experience and offer up another viewpoint. With Smartglass, your phone or tablet become your ultimate companion. What was once used solely to make calls now turns into a remote control that does much more than adjusting the volume or selecting a channel.
Technology has come a long way, and the Xbox One and Smartglass are the epitome of advancement. A special edition Xbox One called “Xbox One Day One Edition” is already up for presale and includes special edition packaging, an exclusive achievement, and a commemorative controller. It will come out sometime in November of this year — get your hands on one before the supply runs out! I can confidently say that you will not regret the early purchase.