Usher In The Summer With Drop City Yacht Club

You guys, I think we have found the official summer jam of 2013!
Drop City Yacht Club’s breezy “Crickets” has been taking off since it was released in late-March, and as we get closer to summer, the more steam it’s picking up.
The hip-hop group (consisting of A-Wolf, Kristo, and THX) are originally from San Francisco, and for this tune, they enlisted the help of Def Jam artist and producer Jeremih to lay down the smooth hook. And while the title of the song could easily refer to those pesky insects that keep us up all hours of the night during the summer, it’s actually the sound a poor guy hears when he approaches that foxy lady at the pool party and asks her out, only to be met with… you guessed it, crickets!

A-Wolf describes the group’s vibe as “somewhere between Beastie Boys and Beach Boys”, and honestly I can’t think of a more accurate description than that!
Take a visit to their Official Website to download their EP, Crickets, and to keep up with all the latest, like their debut album, which is scheduled to drop in the fall.